Monday, April 27, 2009

yummy van honey shea butter balm

3 drops sandalwood, one drop ylang ylang
 1teaspoon honey
1 tablepoon of shea butter
 teaspoon cocoa butter
 10 drops vanilla
 teaspoon vit e

warmed and divided into 4 jars

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

*GABE a success


Gift to a friend
This was a hit.

jassambac, ylang,rose1 linden bl2

Sharon c.

Sharon c.

This was lovely. I would have liked to use amberette but am pretty much out.
 I wanted to add vanilla as well but stock leaves resin which may be a turn off to the person I am giving it to.

lemon, orange, galbanum, chamomile, gingerlily, nutmeg
neroli, jasmine, rose, ylang,
 styrax, peru bals, benzoin, vetiver,  


 pine 1, clary sage 1 , nutmeg2 , cardamon 1 , bl pepper 1, bitter orange1 , galbanum 4, 
jasmine8, rose2, damask 2, linden 4, ylang 4
cognac1 peru 2,sandal 2, benzoin,  vannila2, ambrette3

so I took amber vial. put in 2 ambrette 2 linden, 2 jas, 3 rose,  2 galbanum, and then three pours of the above mix with  6 drops jojoba and 6 small vit e blend.