Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sharyn the super green

It was suposed to be a very green scent. the second worked wa a gren bomb with lasting power thanks to my one of my faborite oils: galbanum.

1st version...yuck way too busy and too much oakmoss. Oakmoss;gotta learn that a little goes a long long long way.
Galbdanum, bergamot rosemary coriander
clary sage, Neroli, honeysuckle absolute, styrax, rose, jasmine, orris
costus, Ambrette, vetiver, oakmoss, labdanum 5 drop patchoili, frankincense

2nd version worked well made a soy wax base solid
Tangerine, Bitter orange, petigrain, Organic lemon
 galbanum, clary sage (nutmeg & jasmine and cinnamon very little)
2 drops benzoin, patchouli,vetiver, lapsang tea
 good amount of labdanum.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Kate B. the delicious femme fatal sad desert

I made the solid out of just soy was and a little vit e oil
lapsang souchong,

Second version I stayed with:
 Orris root
Spices: Clove, cardamom, black pepper, cinn, ginger lily
Florals: very little Rose and ylang but a lot of styrax
lapsang souchong, (more of)
bass: Tolu more of
vanilla more of
costus,Vetiver Peru balsam Benzoin, myrrh, labdanum (more of)
patchouli, precious sandalwood and hint of frankincense

in a base of jojoba, nat beeswax, soy wax
masala chaii spices, slightest bay and orange
styrax, .2mm linden blossom,orris4mm, rose otto 6  ylang.2mm ginger lily toothpi swirl
10drops sandalwood, .2 virg cedarwoodnutmeg swirl toothpi 5.0oz of Lapsang
benzoin, labdanum vanilla olsoresin, tulu, patchouli.4mm vetiver.2mm
peru balsam, costus.6mm, ambrette..delute.2mm

was trying to go for smoke leather and musk..I have no muk amber but the olsoresin makes things smell lke carmex and I have nary peru bals, ambrette..just delute. I thought tulu might vanillin spice things up without adding too much spice in the end I needed to add the spices and up the rose and sandalwood to give it interest. The costus and orris ,tinctured in grain alcohol was problematic but I tried to use about06 of costus.

base: balsam, edible, earthy, woody, Animal
heart: smoke, tea, spicy, rose, narcotic,
head: Spicy, dry, orange