Friday, February 26, 2010

Gretchen's perfume

Gretchen came to one of my shows last month or so and loved the perfume I was wearing. It was one of my creations. I told her I would make her some. One problem is that I don't remember what all I quickly slathered on me before the show.  I have a couple concoctions that I mix or layer. 
 I have the bottle from what I was wearing that night but it is a mixture of oils in alcohol and separation of course occurs. (unattractive) I don't want to present her with that!
So, her creation may be lacking a few oils I had on such as: much more rose plus vetiver, patchouli and nutmeg added to the mix.

 Gretchen's perfume will be in an alcohol base. 
Even though they are considered base notes the galbanum (well base and top), frankincense and fir absolute are adding some lift to the other heavy notes.  I am crazy about base notes than more than anything. For this mix I wanted a blend something akin to a hypnotic cuddle.  So far so good.

My chosen absolutes and oils were from Liberty Natural and Eden Botanicals with my own tinctures of vanilla, lapsang tea and myrrh.

Cardamom, nutmeg, galbanum, fir absolute 
Organic Damask rose from Egypt, 
clary sage, ylang ylang, lapsang tea 
Vanuata sandalwood, frankincense, 
amyris...tiniest bit of vetiver and patchouli 
and my big ol' balsam amber accord: 
madagascar vanilla, myrrh, peru balsam, labdanum and benzoin

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fresh Violet pastille solid perfume

I posted on fB:

 Indescribable heaven. Smooth soapstone rounds for solid perfumes (picture doesn't do justice to their beauty), newly arrived finest oil absolutes and perfume bottles. Sticky Vanilla bourbon beans from Madagascar tincturing.
This is super comforting since having to take a music break because of arthritis.

 I am obsessed maybe because of spring approaching with making a violet pastille perfume solid/salve perfume.
It will be all essential oils and absolutes in a base of beeswax(or soy) jojoba and shea and an alcohol based perfume.
 It will be sweet with a bit of green notes on top. It is inspired by my dear recently departed 9 year old bunny Stella.
She was such a queen and moviestar rolled into beautiful charismatic ball of fluff.

I received an order from Eden Botanicals so heavenly I could weep. They also included some samples which trumped all the companies I have bought from in the past.

 It is incredible the inspiration when you have such quality oils and absolutes to work with. I put in another order today.
I decided I am going to sell my I just need a name...
 I have had enough disasters and sacrificial pancakes to have perfected a few winners.

An oil I am really enjoying right now is Helichrysum/Immortelle.  immediately felt a reaction to marry it on my skin with blue chamomile, vanilla, sandalwood and rose.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I have been tincturing like a mad woman.
The price of oils is maddening.
So stewing in oil and jars of grain alcohol are in my closet at the moment:
 Vanilla Bourbon, Angelica (excellent),  Myrrh, cardamom, orris, blue chamomile, benzoin, labdanum, styrax, costus, etc...
 I have been so bad leaving out so many custom scents for friends. I need to keep that up as there have been requests for refills.

"campfire" will be "wood and smoke"

All of the recipes are in the toilet now that I have received the soul stirring Fir absolute.
 My heart raced and I swooned when I smelled it.

so... These are nice but do not cut it now.

version 1.
lapsang, sandalwood, vetiver, cardamom

2. lapsang, peru balsam, 1 cedarwood, 1 fir , 1 sandalwood, 1 vetivier, 1 cardamom 1 patchouli 1 benzoin

3.lapsang, sandalwood, benzoin, cardamom

 thinking of labdamum

4. lapsang, peru balsam, 1 cedarwood, 1 fir , 1 sandalwood, 1 vetivier, 1 cardamom 1 patchouli 1 benzoin
labdamum, cedar, frankincense, rose

5. One that is a custom for a friend: Palo Alto, Clary sage, lapsang, peru balsam, 1 cedarwood, 1 fir , 1 sandalwood, 1 vetivier, 1 cardamom 1 patchouli 1 benzoin
labdamum, cedar, frankincense, rose

daphne spring scent

will be editing as I compose this scent

2table spoon grain alcoha

1 teasp ginger lily
4 sandalwood
0.2 styrax and benzoin

3 drops galb
0.1 lavemm
0.1mm cardamom

2/6/10 added  to old resedu of lab/benzoin van resin in big jar added. .5 oz orris tincture

2/12 added .5 0z orris and drop of tolu

in small caviar jar 1/4 perfume. 5 drops Na vetiver filled with distilled water

smoke and wood

Palo santo, cardamom, cedar v,
lapsang alch b. vetivier, labdamdum alc based