Saturday, March 13, 2010

get some butter, I'm on a roll!

I am on a making scent magic roll since buying from Eden Botanicals.
These are so good I can't even write them down. Sigh I am deeply, madly in love with natural scents.
 Anything else gives me a headache from hell.
I'm feeling the elation of a composing lucky streak. Flying through absolutes from Cocoa to the the cat urine smell of Black Currant. Making magic I tells yah!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"io" The violet and rose perfume

Ahhh the fleeting violet. So modest, so lady like. The "Fleeting" in "fleeting violet" comes from the fact that some people cannot perceive the smell of violets at all, or the scent "flees" back and forth. What a tease that violet!
We all know Volets were the favorite perfume of Josephine Bonaparte. 

The Greek gods loved their violets in tales. The Violet was the symbol of Aphrodite and her son, Priapus. Venus made the Violet blue. One of Zues's gazillion lovers "Io" (pronounced /ˈaɪ.oʊ/ EYE-oh ) was turned by Zues back and forth from a beautiful white, black and yes sometimes violet cow to hide from Hera his wife. Hera was suspicious of this "cow" and demanded it as a gift. Hera then made violets for Io to eat and sent a gadfly to pester her. How nice of Hera!
In another famous tale, Persephone was walking through a field of violets when Hades fell in love with her and dragged her to hell. She then, because the world mourned so, could walk the earth from spring to fall.

Violets signify springtime and new beginnings and immortality.
From "plant bulb": If you send violets to someone you are sending them a message of love, humility, modesty, resurrection, spring, and the immortal soul.
Known to be the flower of shy people and modesty though violet leaf oil is said to help people over come shyness.

When I am feeling like I want to give in to dramatic flights of fancy, popping violet or rose pastilles and sitting down with an 18th century novel is an excellent escape.

Anyway, in February (which I just found out is the violet's month) I became obsessed with
making a violet pastille perfume. The liquid perfume is sharper with a bit of anise, like the candy. For the history of the violet's honor I used the highest quality natural ingredients. These are concretes and absolutes. The most concentrated forms of the flowers. I bought organic when possible. I wasn't going to mess around! The Company from which I purchased is called Eden Botanicals. I highly recommend them. I have shopped at many an oil store I have found Eden and Liberty Natural to have the finest quality so far.
"Io" smelled directly from the container (which one should NEVER judge. Always sample on
your arm and let it sit a bit.) could/might be almost off putting because of the Black Currant. It is a note that is FERAL, fruity, full of pheromones and animal like. Like many plant extracts that are used for musk replacements it can create magic mixed with other notes. Believe me, it will cozy up like a kitten to you later.

You could choose between a perfume solid or a Eau de perfume (When the liquid
perfume is ready I would let you know.) The solid comes in a beautiful
soapstone round container for $20 paid whenever. You can donate more if you like. :) The
$20 is under covering costs plus shipping. If you could e- mail me your address if you want one. I could make more I just need to order more oils.
I will custom blend you a perfume as well.

Below are the perfume notes. "Io" mellows to a gorgeous soft floral with such a delicious vanilla you will seriously want to eat your arm. The base of the solid is Oregon organic honey beeswax (very fragrant with honey), shea butter, jojoba, vit e, and soy wax.
To give you an idea what high quality these oils are I put the price per just a quarter of a
teaspoon from where I buy from. I have only been able to afford smaller sizes. Get ready to drop your jaw. 

Black Currant Bud:
Aroma: Warm, fruity, violet, animal-like aroma
Note: Base note
is used in perfumery for its tenacity and animal like/pheromonal action. $56.00

Organic Bulgarian Rose Otto :
Aroma: fresh, warm, deeply floral and rich with hints of fruit and faint pepper undertones It has a deep yet soft and hypnotic fragrance
Note: Heart note $136.00

Cassie Absolute:
Aroma: Deeply woody and earthy reminiscent of Violet Leaf with hints of powdery balsam undertones – very tenacious.
Note: Base note $36.00

Galbanum resin:
Aroma: fresh, earthy, green $22.30
Note: Base and top note

Orris Root C02 10% irons:
Aroma: is valued in perfumery for its violet-like aroma and its unique fixative qualities.
Note: Base and heart note $94.00

Vanilla Bourbon CO2 Total
Aroma: Sweet, rich, delectable $42.00
Note: Base note

Violet Leaf Absolute:
Aroma:Green leaf, herbaceous aroma cool, crushed green leaf aroma of Violet Leaf Absolute turns to a soft dried grass and faint floral note during its long dry out.
Note: Heart note $32.00

I also tincture my own organic Madagascar vanilla bourbon vanilla beans in oil, orris and benzoin which I added. Yum!

Story of Io by Aeschylus

The story from Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound
But the high hand
Of Zeus bear hardly on the rein of fate.
And, instantly-even in a moment-mind
And body suffered strange distortion. Horned
Even as ye see me now, and with sharp bite
Of gadfly pricked, with high-flung skip, stark-mad,
I bounded, galloping headlong on, until
I came to the sweet and of the stream
Kerchneian, hard by Lerna's spring. And thither
Argus, the giant herdsman, fierce and fell
As a strong wine unmixed, with hateful cast
Of all his cunning eyes upon the trail,
Gave chase and tracked me down. And there he perished
By violent and sudden doom surprised.
But I with darting sting-the scorpion whip
Of angry Gods-am lashed from land to land.

Monday, March 1, 2010

1 perfume solid eczema and arthritis be gone.

I made a perfume salve for healing, calming and a woman's eczema. It was in a base of shea, soy and bee's wax.  no rosehip seed oil in this one..I was in a super rush. Turned out quite lovely and has actually helped my arthritis a lot.
  • Benzoin
  • Chamomile
  • Geranium
  • Helichrysum
  • Rose
  • Madagascar vanilla
  • Vanuatu Sandalwood
  • Amyris
  • Ylang Ylang
  • 2 tiny drops of labdanum and cardamom