Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Parasol" all natural solid perfume

I created Parasol while needing some comfort. It will be the 2nd solid natural perfume I will sell at the market.
I decided to add the rose absolute and helichrysum because I was feeling so upset about my sick old rabbit named "Fairbanks" and that the fact I may have to have him, "put to sleep". He had never been ill his life. When his beautiful mate "Stella" passed months ago he started declining rapidly. I had Stella for 10 years she was my baby and a queen of the house. So, in their romantic spirit and my distress I had to pull out the big guns and not edit my intuition of what I feel the whole of this grief dealing, healing, visual, escapist perfume should be.
I knew the most healing of oils I have and love is the organic helichrysum. I also wanted it's fresh honey, hay-like note. I was in a "dammed the price" as I used it and the Moroccan rose absolute.

I was really worried featuring it to my extremely honest, "guinea pig" as florals are not a favorite, especially with vanilla in it.
(he doesn't like "foody" scents) I was in luck! He said, "Don't change a thing!"

"Parasol" all natural solid perfume

Parasol is a deeply romantic, soft floral with notes of violet leaf, linden blossom, clary sage and Moroccan rose absolutes. Calming chamomile and healing organic helichrysum relax your worries as the base notes of dreamy Tahitian and Madagascar Vanilla plus amber create a serene and naturally comforting perfume salve.

Monday, April 26, 2010

"clearing" solid perfume

"clearing" is a much simplified, "omega man" from an earlier post. I will be selling it at a market. It is a scent more up a man's alley. My boyfriend loves it the more, "eyeblinding" I seem to make it. By "eyeblinding" I mean heavy handed on the petitgrain, and coriander leaf.
My natural desire is to soften all the edges but as soon as I do it is a thumbs down from my male testing audience...well my one trusted guinea pig.

"Clearing"  all natural solid perfume 

Clearing is a herbaceous, escape to the outdoors, uplifting, and sensual scent that is 
naturally inspiring, clarifing and euphoric.

Top notes: Bright and bitter citrus of petitgrain married with sweet cardamom.
Heart: Clary sage absolute, fresh herbs and soft precious sandalwood.  
Base notes: Balsamic rich amber and smoky incense.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Lapsang Souchong infusion for sale

Lapsang Souchong
is a black tea from the Fujian province in China and is traditionally dried over pine or cypress wood then placed in barrels to ferment. The leaves are then fried and placed over smoking pine to absorb the smoke flavor.

At Vireo we infuse the Lapsang in fractionated coconut oil with a touch of vitamin E. We use fractionated coconut oil instead of jojoba oil because of its lighter base, better absorption, shelf-life, and its ability to handle higher temperatures.

An oil infusion requires large amounts of raw material, and for best results, low heat, a lot of stirring over weeks and patience over multiple slow filterings. The end results are worth the wait. The color of Lapsang oil is a magnificent bejeweled green. The odor is rich with smoke, leather, fruits, flowers and history. On a test strip, the scent lasts for days. There is still some smooth sedimentation that exists at the bottom of a thrice filtered batch. I call it the, “charm of the green dragon”.

A note on... notes:
Lapsang’s gorgeous, smokey, plum-like aroma blends with a mind boggling number of notes. A few may surprise you such as a beautiful blend we suggest featuring cedarwood, violet leaf and a small amount of cocoa. Other suggested blends could include:
resins, incenses, balsams, chaii spices, florals..(Jasmine yum!), woods, herbs, roots, vetiver(of course!) patchouli, and citrus.
PRICE: Our Lapsang is currently priced at $50.00 for a 4 oz bottle .

For an intensely rich and smooth blend please allow us a week’s advance notice, more if possible, for a truly amazing lapsang batch.

Other oil and grain alcohol infusions are available in smaller batches.
They include: a drool worthy Madagascar and Tahitian vanilla, costus, angelica, orris, and myrrh.
At Vireo we offer thoughfully composed custom solid or oil perfumes and healing salves. Solids perfume and salves come in a hand engraved rosewood screw top container. A favorite right now is an addictive violet pastille inspired creation.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This was a fb post for friends regarding fir balsam absolute

I posted this on fb in feb. As somewhat of a joke I made up a perfume called, "Omega Man".
The end product was a custom scent for my partner. It has sharp green top notes with heart of clary sage absolute and juniper. The base is balsam and incense.

Just wanted the men folk to know that you are not excluded from this whole custom scent thing. If you have never smelled fir balsam absolute you have not smelled heaven.
It is like being in a the most sweet, fresh, pristine forest that only exists in your most wildest "What would it be like if the earth existed untouched by man?" fantasies.
I can give you that fantasy in a little container. This all purpose balm can be used on rough hands, as a salve, scent, lip balm etc... or I can send it to you in a small bottle in liquid form as an alcohol based cologne or jojoba based scented essential oil.
If you want it...$15 bucks...heaven...oh yah. This Fir Balsam absolute is not some regular thin essential oil. It is a sappy gooey resin that takes some time and love to work with.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Starting to sell: have a Lapsang bid and farmers market

Well, this is a wee success for me. I stopped into a oil shop and gave her a sample of my Lapsang tea oil tincture. We had talked about tincturing Lapsang so so long ago I think she almost forgot. She was thrilled, loved it and said how people were always coming in looking for a "campfire smell" She the brought it back to her boss who told the sales gal that I should bring in a price sheet to sell my oil there. I couldn't believe it. Lapsang is such a love/ hate tea. One friend said, "I like campfires but not in my mouth.". My best friend hates the tea and gave me a tin from a leftover gift she had received.

With this "price sheet" ( I have no idea what the hell to charge) I am going to add some " blends with.." notes such as Vetiver, sandalwood, patchouli, juniper, cedarwood, amber...etc

So I have been frantically brewing more. I would take more time but the tea seems to be responding well to the coco oil and method I use. Lapsang seems to need a fixative with some strength. As a preservitive and base support I have added a minute amount of diluted benzoin. It isn't probably even doing squat at the level. I'm talking 4 drops in 4 oz. For a carrier, this time in frac coconut oil. Jojoba took forever. It doesn't have as long a shelf life and I don't care how much people praise the stuff, it makes me break out.

Now I have to settle on a business name. My bestfriend suggested, KiND Scents or Scents of Nature. I suggested combining the two."KiND Scents of Nature".
I still love, "Vireo Natural perfumes"(or custom perfumes)

By May I have to have my act together for selling at a friends amazing herb market stand. I am pretty sure I am going to compose solid absolute perfumes contained in small beautifully carved rosewood screwtop containers.
Because I am using such high end products I am broke always living on a disability. Oy! I must be nuts! But if you have ever smelled cucumber fresh violet leaf absolute, heavenly fir absolute or the strange feral, berry like but addictive black currant perhaps you would understand.