Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

and they are a herd of turtles!

Off to market they go! All three perfume solids? Nope All FOUR!
Nothing stops inspiration, perspiration, desperation and an overdue long past deadline..
In order of my favorites:

1. "Coco Violette"
2. "Baisers Fleur"
3."Lavender Petitgrain" perfumed salve
4."Lemon Bar"

"Lemon Bar"? "Lavender Petitgrain"? How did those slip in there?
Ok, there was a rush.. I had to think fast, fresh and was inspired by a couple gals whom I made single solids for.

I opened an Etsy to get some product in there......It will be called simply, "VireoPerfumes"

Monday, May 17, 2010

"baisers fleur" perfume solid

"Baisers Fleur" French for "Blossom Kisses" is the second official offering and the name I finally settled with.

"Yes, we have no bananas...we have no bananas.." in this version of the perfume.
Be warned! I am still threatening to make my toasted banana and mimosa perfume.

The gorgeous notes in, "Baisers Fleur" are:
Galbanum absolute, neroli, Roman and German chamomile
jasmine, mimosa and linden blossom absolutes
ylang ylang 1st, and sandalwood

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

decisions decisions....

Hmmm. It is so hard to pick just three.... I shouldn't post until rightly decided. Having adhd is NO help being a perfumer!
So "Coco Violette" is FOR SURE. It makes my few test subjects dive their nose into their arm and glue it there.
The others solid perfumes in line waiting to be picked like in a pageant.... Sigh....
My dilemma...
As expected the vanilla caviar can be a little messy at the bottom at the container.
The amber smells great though, perhaps I will make a version sans bean.
"Parasol" is a bit muddled and needs to be refined with a more distinct top note and less busy heart.
My mimosa.. well, needs more mimosa which I get this week. I will be tincturing banana.. that sounds odd but can be done. "banana?!" you barf.. I try to convince, "No really, I will burn it and make it caramelized and, and..."
BUT it is NOT my job to convince the smeller.
They hopefully will come along for the scent story and journey and make it their own.
No convincing how incredible and what souls these living essences have. Synthetics I have a problem with. Soulless, they are linear and without depth. They force themselves upon everyone like an uninvited, impolite a close- talking, nosey guest. And talk about the clinging! Oh how they cling to everything around. How many times have you been to a movie, coffee shop or restaurant and you come out smelling of grandma's or some gal's eye watering musk?
"Poo, poo!" I say!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

"Exotic amber with vanilla bean" ( literally with bean) also hmmm what to name...?

Here is another addition to sell at the market. I am two weeks delayed. My printer is on the fritz, so making labels was put to a halt. I hope to launch next saturday.

I decided on these three solid perfumes: "coco violette", " exotic amber..." and
a beautiful mimosa perfume that I am weighing names for.
I love it's confounding aroma. Something like a night fragrant tobacco flower with a hint of a just about ripe banana.

About the "Exotic amber..":

"Exotic amber with Tahitian vanilla bean slice"

A rich, resinous, spiced, amber infused with a slice of Tahitian vanilla bean and it's caviar.
Notes include:
Chaii spices, resins, balsams, vegetable musks, agarwood, spikenard, incense with Madagascar vanilla.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Next up on the brain storming table.. "woodsman and teacher"

"huh?" you maybe thinking. Well, I have a picture and a poem in my head for this scent that has to come out.
A dead giveaway note is incense cedar. I imagine a gazillian sharpened penciles and scent memories. Perhaps some hopes, wishes, love letters or dreams to be time sealed, buired somewhere below a floorboard or in an attic. Anyhoo... More to come about this story scent....

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Make what you love, do what you know: "Coco violette"

So Parasol may be in the editing room for the while but what is most def in is "Coco Violet"

Coco Violet is version of "io".
"Io" was a feral violet that I composed and loved.
I think Coco Violet will appeal to a lot of folks for it's fresh but also make you melt and weak in the knees by it's
delicious edible base.

Top note: raspberry, cardamom absolute, greens, violet leaf absolute
Heart: Orris, cassie absolute,
Base: cocoa absolute, Tahitian and Madagascar vanilla bean, costus

I am working on another meadow scent with hay absolute called, "Bunny Love" It is inspired Fairbanks and Stella and the idea behind "Parasol" but with a more apple, honey and hay notes. I wanted to throw an absinthin as a top note but rabbits HATE wormwood! I couldn't do that!
"Bunny Love" will be a healing scent for the heart and mind.