Sunday, July 18, 2010

A new review and a cozy adventure

I am very happy to post a review of a few of my perfumes by Tonie Silver from the site Le Parfumeur Rebelle.
I will be sending some requested samples out for a sniff for another possible review. I am a shaking in my shoes!
I am excited to introduce my perfume,"Tamar" to the Etsy crowd. I wonder if some will be up for a fennel adventure?
I know, it is easy for some to, "poo poo" on anything remotely liquorish but the composition in a whole makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I want to be smothered in the stuff even in july! It turned out to be the the comforting scent I needed when I was down. I can't think of a sweeter hug than the base notes of vanilla bourbon, Madagascar and Tahitian vanilla and 3 different kinds of sandalwood. The spice notes, tamarind and fennel are smooth as gourmet ice cream when married to sandalwood and vanilla.
I wish I could embrace with empathy and love people who are despondent with that base or any other uplifting, comforting blend that might appeal.. Is it not amazing what natural smell goods can do? "The Giving Tree" is a cheerful blend to be released with fir absolute. Ahhhh.. fir absolute.. I think I am on to making my own antidepressants!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I want to thank you all for the kind words of support and being behind me taking a break. I have to put Etsy on "vacation mode" during this time. I am the sort who has to force myself into just doing nothing. I have that perma squirrel preparing for winter syndrome.
I shouldn't be bringing up fragrances, (No! Step away from the oils, Kait) but a small .5oz batch of "A kiss from an old flame" is ready. There is also a new complex perfume, “Cloisonné" I am debating on selling. It has my home infused tamarind, Indonesian spices, davana, golden champaca, jasmin sambac, 3 different kinds of sandalwood, vetiver, and frankincense. It is very exotic. That davana shines through creating an impact of apricot brandy. Hopefully it won't off put anyone at first whiff before the other notes shine.
There is also a sweet fennel, tamarind, spice and vanilla bourbon perfume. Hmmmm I think I may have a hard time winning some people over. It is really quite heavenly! It makes me feel if I am laying on a soft, downy cloud. It may be called, "Tamar". I have a couple other names floating about. It was inspired by my friend who described these yummy fennel pastries she would indulge in on her way to work. She asked for a scent like that some time ago.
There are other creations in debate to be sold, like children in line waiting for their name to be called up to the plate. That may have not made sense. Some artist call their creations "children". I always thought that term a little fruity.

I am going in with some samples Tuesday to a store interested in selling local goods. It is owned by a friend of a friend of mine. So my chances may be good.
I am thinking oils, organic and maybe discussing a custom perfume after the store?
The Madagascar and Tahitian vanilla might be a winner. Perhaps the Sweetgrass?
There is extra "Nerola Verde" I spruced that one up with more jasmin sambac.
Another consideration was a organic bug repelent spray that smells wearable and does the job.
Solids? Pheww, they take so much oil unless I decide to use less expensive, powerful ones.
Maybe an organic lavendar absolute hand salve? A "get outta the rain blend" that must feature the ever cheerful blood orange. I should be huffing blood orange and petitgrain right now.
Goodness! Two cups of coffee and I am blabbering.

I hope you all are happy and doing well out in the scentual world.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Scentual healing

I need a little healing or why not just say it, a lot right now. I had an old friend decide to end his life.
There has been a bit of this sort of this kind of death around me in my life and has always been traumatic.
I find some comfort between the feelings of my chest tightening anxiety and the lump in my throat through music and the making of natural perfumes.
It wasn't going so well with the grief and composing of both music and perfumes. I broke a string on my guitar and I seemed to ruin an ounce of what I had thought was a clear vision of what I wanted in in my mourning perfume. Left with my feelings I realize now is not the best time to be making perfumes. I am glad there is a lull in Etsy sales right now. The timing is perfect even though I have new perfumes to release.

Lovely review on "Earthly Reality"


Vireo (Part 1)


Are you one for scents that tells a story, a scent that goes beyond top, middle and base notes, scents that are alive and has a journey that takes you to a far away time and place, scents that lives on? If you are, you've come to the right place because this the first installment of a three part scent journey into vireo's world. I enjoy this new space on ETSY, her energy draws me into her space, her description takes me to what she sees and its just magical.

Coco Violette

Her description for this is almost edible and it sure is, its supple and sweet feminine without the flowers but captivating and cozy. This scent is yummy with notes of blood orange, cardamon, violet, Cassie for a touch of spice, coco absolute for warmth, and vanilla for a little sweets, my only wish for this scent is for it to linger a little longer and guess what she listen and now it comes in a more amped up version. I would imagine if I could make Violette ice creams these would be my ingredients. Yum

Smoke Follows Beauty

Dark and moist, green and lush, tantalizing mossy twigs. It wraps up together in one to create this breath taking rich scent. With notes like hay, Guaiacwood these two are at the beginning of this scent and as the journey goes on I get what might be the Lapsangs souchong (Vireo infusion), and at the end sandalwood and vanilla takes it home. Long lasting, stayed with me all day.

Madagascar & Tahitian Vanilla Oil

Yummy Yum Yum goodness I have never smelled a vanilla infusion so rich, sweet, syrupy, dripping caramel yumness. Wow this takes me to someplace good I wanna taste it it looks edible and smells delectable. She sent me a sample of this and I had to get a vial for my stash.

I enjoy these creation and will be on the look out for new listing on Vireo.

Coco Violette $12 1/8 oz dram vial

Smoke follows beauty $9 1/8 oz dram vial

Madagascar & Tahitian Vanilla oil $9 1/8 oz dram vial

Friday, July 9, 2010

Oh, how superficial top-notes can be...

I think top-notes in perfume are akin having that first time greeting with someone at a party. You usually judge the whole package quickly, forget their name and move on. I want to get to the meat and potatoes of a perfume and people's personality. We can put up a front, all bright sunny citruses with a rosy heart and solid woody base. But there is more stirring with-in us.
I don't want my perfumes to be as heavy and lumbering as "The Song of The Volga Boatmen" but dealing with those top- notes....sigh..Do I have too?
I guess so, we can not go around the world not saying,"Hello." to each other now can we?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"a kiss..." delayed "ramos fizz" and "the giving tree" on it's way, " nerola verde" changed

I have been sick so no perfume for me. It is so hard not to play with the smell goods.
"a kiss from an old flame" needs to be completely redone. I think I may just stick to the formula I started with or mellow out the Davana which took over. I found myself with 2 full ounce bottles of perfume I had to dump. Ouch!
I really hoped to debut it sooner but now I have to buy all the notes as I well used them up.

I have a confession..,
"nerola verde" was or actually released before it was ready and started as "ramos holiday". I excitedly I used too much variations of petitgrain and I felt inner pressure to release something on Etsy. I have fixed it into a pretty vision. It took a hearty amount of Jasmine,organic Jasmin sambac, sweet grass, vanilla and more neroli to help cure it's ills.

I made the "ramos fizz" which may layer well with "ramos holiday"
I decided on both Ramos creations because I wanted one to be a singular tribute to the incredible drink the other a daydream vacation.
The Ramos fizz won't have long staying power as the only base note is vanilla bourbon.

After I feel a bit better I will release them to... what kind of audience?
I also have a small batch of a comforting amber- veggie musk blend of all base notes except for a smidgen of cinnamon bark. I am going back and forth on naming it. Oh, and I almost forgot the childlike scent, "the giving tree". The yellow manderin and fir absolute give it a fresh tart jam quality.

I hope everyone is happy and well!