Monday, October 4, 2010

the surprise in Hēdonē and "Great Galbanum"

I am finding that because of the agarwood in Hēdonē it is really transforming into something magical.
Agarwood has that power to create even more depth to a perfume as time passes. At first I thought it was a little heavy on the agarwood. I do unfortunately feel I released it too early and there for may have turned some people off to their purchase. Hopefully if they have shelved it they will give it another whirl.

I am brewing a heavy galbanum creation as of late. It is called "Great Galbanum!" As in the exclamation, "Great Scott!"
I hope the translation won't be lost on my customers.
I had accident with my 5/8 dram bottle of galbanum weeks back that had enough scent power to level a village. I was making a spritzer for my home and I grabbed what I thought was my diluted bottle and proceeded to dump all but a tiny amount in the mister. Whoops! It was the full strength 5/8 dram. My eyes watered and my throat tightened..then I moaned for the loss of the precious amount of resin I had carelessly tossed. It was ironic as I had just conversed with a woman through Etsy about galbanum. She asked if I ever worked with it.
Oh yes I do!