Thursday, November 11, 2010

The importance of being earnest, manic, "get it done",don't give up! etc..

this is a manic, sleep deprived slightly koooky, deranged texted blog from the depths of some submarine. So much amis in the olfactory department. This is a tale of me as a chicken with it's head flying off for days. Three bottles of Ashes of Roses just are not turning out as the sublime beauty of the first bottle. By accident I put 15 drops of ylang into the bottle that was as closest to the first beauty of original "Ashes...There isn't even Ylang in Ashes of Roses but the Ylang was for another fragrance I was working on moments before. I had to dump the whole perfect Ashes of Roses. All three rose absolutes in that bottle amounted to over an 1/2 ounce gone, not to mention all the sandalwoods. 
This has been three days of torture and I have orders to fill. Eager, happy, excited to get the humble packaged bottles, little knowing of the maddness of the making of perfumes. Oh but some of them do, as this order I am filling is the same as the one I had to break to just a week before of the accident that had befallen "Smoke Follows Beauty" but I shall not dig myself deeper into that. A big no no as well is that these perfumes I will be sending will be newborns. I feel so ashamed. What a sin!(if I believed in sin) I what to make these customers pleased and be a better part of their day with my perfumes. But breaking more bad news that another batch may take a month makes me feel ill.
I know what I send will be fine( oh please oh please)
14 tester scent strips later:
I took two kolonipins, made a cheese plate and collapsed on the couch and watched some Dexter.
Three days of no sleep. My nose is fried. Maybe it is because I just had my molar removed?
I am terrified but know the "Ashes.." orders must go out. This is the unholy terror of working with natural botanicals.  Each new batch of essentials and absolutes you buy from suppliers varies slightly. your compositions will be slightly different.Even making my own mascerations is a crap shoot. Some vanillas turns out more floral, some lapsang more berry-like and less smokey. Will the customers be understanding? I feel like I may be run outta town like some ol' snake oil seller. Oh, I am being over dramatic. I just want to please my customers so bad. They really are my partrons of this art. Without them there is no way I could afford on my own the quality products I use. I can't stoop to lower quality either. You become a fragrance junkysnob after smelling the best the world has to offer. 

I have new fragrances to introduce. 
"Hollywood Babylon" and "Orpheum"
if only I had the picture to go with the visioning my head.
"Hollywood.." Hollywood is covered in snow it is a photographic snapshot from the 1950's frozen in time of a starlet blowing a frosted kiss. a powderpuff plume of dust just settles from an over zealous ancient makeup artist. the starlets exotic lover is off to the side holding her coat of many nameless furs. 
It is fantacy. the fragrance it fresh and powdery, velvety and soft.

"orpheum" is a bergamot heavy citrus chypre. It lasts and lasts. it started as a custom scent for a friend's sister. we all used to hang at this coffee/ movie house in the 1980's called "The Orpheum" up in Juneau Alaska. 
there is even a facebook fan page for the place that I shall putup when I am not rabidly texting.
I was going to tell you of my other fragrances two customs,a heavenly pink lotus dbl Jasmine celery seed amber magic blend and another blend for a friend inspired by her favorite tea. it has me mascerating hazelnuts, chickory, carob, buttersotch, vanilla beans and a host of spices. Then there is, "00elGuapo" but my boyfriend said I need to, "stop, relax, stop thinking about perfumes. You look really pale and have bags under my eyes."
Sheesh! Next I will be eating brains.
I shall edit this later this week I am sure. Add a little more sanity and clarity to it. Sleep is my friend.
Peace to all,