Monday, December 6, 2010

Toasty yummy new scents on Etsy and a a personal challenge realized?

 Um... I apologize for the nutty last post. Boy I am afraid that I would lose some customers after that! Well, it is the trials of natural perfumery. Since then it has been smooooth rolling.
 I created a custom scent for my friend. She wanted to smell like her favorite tea.   I mortar and pestled hazelnuts I had roasted, cardamom and other spices. I infused it with fresh vanilla beans, carob, chicory even using butter absolute. I pulled it off to perfection (to my relief) making her a cologne, perfume solid and oil. She named the fragrance and wrote me: "...the name for the new perfume - I think Ostia would be perfecto! Ostia was the ancient port city for Roma and many of these exotic spices and herbs probably came through there at some point. I believe Ostia is a rough translation meaning mouth in Latin. Which is perfect because I just want to eat that all those spices and anyone wearing this scent!”
You can read more on the making of Ostia here: Ostia on Etsy

I created what I think is one of my 1st complex composition challenges. It is called: Hollywood Babylon.  It is completely realized creation to be experienced for hours like an epic movie from the top to bottom notes. It lasts and lasts. The first notes express as if stepping out into the winter air then your suddenly wrapped in the softest of furs. NOT that I would ever wear furs. I am a animal compassionate person. I did have my house bunnies so I know how soft they could be. In composing Hollywood Babylon I wanted a retro, golden age of cinema inspired powder perfume. I have hated powder perfumes in the past. I wanted to make one I would crave to wear. ( This was the challenge.) 
The perfume would start with a fresh, spicy top note then lighting fast move to a powdery middle and amber woods base.
 I ended up using oils I never thought possible could be mixed together, but they worked. One was parsley seed.  Parsley seed. It is an odd one. But one I am liking more and more.
My budget began to break as I knew I needed carnation and other floral absolutes, orris 3%   more sandalwoods and ambrette.

More on here Hollywood Babylon:  Hollywood Babylon on Etsy

 I have to get to the post!
 More on my newest creations soon!
 Take Care!