Sunday, January 30, 2011

A laugh about the last post

So, I told my fiancé the name ideas I had for the new perfume and he said that it sounded a bit "Halmark card" and "Harlequiny" (romance books) and that, "you might as well call it "Dinner with Hugh Grant".
That really cracked me up!

Another perfume of mine that has had a make over is "A Kiss From An Old Flame".
I toned down the ylang and amyris, upped the jasmine sambac, jasmine grandiflorum, galbanum and amber accord. I think it will knock some people's socks off. Fans of this will flip for
"Decadence" when it goes up on Etsy. As it is very alike sans the Ylang and with Pink lotus absolute and celery seed. It also has more of the base of my perfume "Hedone" with the agarwood as well. The woman who requested the making of Decandence wanted a combo of "A kiss.." and "Hedone" with out rose and ylang.

New goal, new perfume

New goal: simplify perfumes by reducing the number of notes. I need to calm the manic mad scientist and create compostions less cluttered to my nose.
Just getting one whiff of a few of my perfumes can start my head spinning.
"why did you need to add more? It was fine where it was at!"

I made a lovely velvety soft, serene but melancholy perfume today. I again challenged my disliking for powdery perfumes and created a much simpler blend than Hollywood Babylon. It is more refined and lacks the green top notes. Actually it is quite different.
My fragrance recalls a tiny bit of the perfume, L'Heur Bleue without that caustic lingering middle I do not like and sans the hoarding of old perfume from drugstores grandma. Sorry drugstore hoarding grandmas!

I may call my eau de parfum oil, Her answer was always,"Love". I know that is a bit long.
Hmmm. How about, "Love, Always"? I also debated the French word for serene. Boring.

Notes in the perfume include absolutes of basil and violet leaf, bergamot and anise
Heartnotes of absolutes: tuberose, jasmine grandi and rose Moroc, orris root
A base of: vanilla bourbon, amber accord, tonka bean

Friday, January 28, 2011

Making some changes on Etsy.

It's been treasury happy on Etsy which is wonderful. People have been nice enough to pick my shop pretty often. How do they find me?
I didn't seem to notice that I am a "featured" seller. I am a little short a stick of a bundle making my way around that site. My page goes against all the successful marketing tools.
Actually I am content of the turtle pace of my shop. I do not need orders having to fly out the door everyday. That would be stressful.
Though as I said me being "one short stick.." I have under-charged all my products on Etsy since I opened. This is in part due to some serious self doubt in my abilities. O.k. There I said it.
But I can't keep these prices so low any longer for the quality I demand.
Then there is the fact recently my brand new batches of perfumes have gone up to Extrait strength! The whole time I have been selling my perfumes at Eau de parfum %'s and not even realizing (or admitting it to myself.) What a dummy I am. So now I have put up a section on Etsy for "Eau de parfums". Even though all my oils are at that strength. My weird guilt of feeling bad at charging people causes me to not up prices to full value because I LOVE giving people things for free ever since I was a kid! Even though I am as poor as snot. I just love people being/making people happy.
I am one of those people, people. I love people. I think everyone has a story to tell and should be treated with empathy and compassion. On the other hand I am a bit of a recluse. Being a musician for 20 years and a bartender can do that to you.
Blah blah! What is this? A Kaitlyn tell all?
What I guess this all is leading up to is a long winded, guilt ridden explanation that I have to raise my prices. I WILL have colorful bottles with roll on tops, the perfumes will be a tad stronger(though god knows they are bomb strength already) My packaging will be a bit more neat. I'm trying to not be so bad a wrapping it looks like it was done by alcoholic X-mas elves.
There will also be deluxe extrait offerings, more solids and aromatherapy sprays in the future.

A heads up to those who have bought "Great Galbanum" has been given a bit of a makeover. I felt it needed more lighter citrus and cyprus on top.
The version of "Smoke follows beauty" is amazingly resplendent with sandalwoods. Boy, That one just just jumps to the sandalwoods and balsams.
"Lovers Patchouli" has more rose absolute, golden champaca and patchouli Co2 in it.
There are a few other slight differences in blends that are to be expected working in such small amounts.
Oh, I must find time to put up a FB page. If I announce that "Smoke follows beauty" is in another treasury my friends will hide me.

Take care my smell good friends!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Simple pleasures of new bottles ordered

So it has been a little while since my last update.
I just put in an order for dram sized roller bottles of different colors for my Etsy site. It is exciting! I have bemoaned my simple packaging for a long time. The labels will still be made via my "drunken scissor hands". The roller ball is an upgrade I think my supporters will like.

There is a new perfume up called,"Orpheum" It is a fresh citrus chypre with a real mossy base.
I wanted it to recall the wet, rain forest, mountainous, seaweed laden, rocky beaches where I grew up in Juneau Alaska. Since it started as a custom there is a strong bergamot top note as the woman I made it for loves the note.

My latest batch of vanilla is sublime. I feel almost guilty for the last. I can stand firmly behind this one pronouncing it about as rich as a CO2. Yummy! I just need a tiny bit in my perfume blends.

On Etsy I am going to have an extravagence section where I will be selling an Extraits. The first one is called, "Decadence". It was a custom that I thought would be too expensive to sell. But I decided it was just too gorgeous not to share with the Etsy folks. I was able to make a just over a wee 1/2 ounce. It is a grand tribute to jasmine with a heavy amber base. The woman had aninteresting and fun request of her custom perfume being something between my two perfumes,"Hedone" and "A Kiss From An Old Flame" with out any Ylang Ylang or Rose. I used 2 different jasmine absolutes and pink lotus absolute for the heart. It is a SWEEEET blend.

Most all of my perfumes on Etsy are eau de parfums I always forget to mention that. Sigh...I notice that I way undercharge as well by the looks of most other natural perfume sites using the same or lesser naturals. It is almost laughable! I mean I saw on one a person charging $30.00 for a 5/8 dram size sample! The oils where not that outstandingly expensive in it.
Now, I know these people can't be using any absolutes or botanicals fancier than what I buy so am I insane?
I did decide to explain more on my Etsy site how I can use such high quality botanicals. One, that I buy in such small amounts and two, I make such small amounts. Wait...I gues I don't need to explain #2.

Anyway, I am so happy that I have my return customers. They keep me going and I feel almost like I have developed a few far away friends.
I hope everyone had a great New Year!
Take Care, Kait