Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Interview on Scentual Sountracks and my date with Frankenstein

Well I am still recovering after drunken' Frankinstein messed up my spinal tap when I went into the ER for a cluster headache. I destroyed my bottle of Decadence today,
In good news Shanesha from Scentual Soundtracks was kind enough to interview me. She is a talented an great mind. It would be rather intimidating if she wasn't so dang sweet and gracious.
The link is here: Scentual Soundtracks. Her blog reviews products and focuses on the artist behind natural creations and is quite informative. I give away more personal rambling info than I like and leave out more eloquent details of this beautiful exalting aspects that I wish I would have mentioned.

Many fun decadent products for the future. Boy, I just spent a lot of beans and corn but it will be so worth it when customers are able to become so close with these natural odors. What gifts!
I am making a tuberose vanilla blend with a faint gardenia undertone for dear Shabra who had been so patient and kind. I had been working on "Boozy Chauntusey" for years. It's a torch singer, say Edith Piaf in a little bar before she was a star but with the same bravado! There is cognac and a rum accord. Laura from Urban Eden came up with a perfect limerick for it already when it goes up on Etsy.
I have a custom dark iris perfume ala Cuir de Russie and a couple story perfumes,curious infusions,solid perfumes and a face healing and scar oil in the wings.

This interview reveals what I was going to hide but what I am sure some have suspected.
It is a daily battle. There is more to the story which exasperates the condition. I been told I should write a book on my life. Well, someone else would have to write as I compose a sentence like a monkey and a dolphin trying to use parchment, quill and ink.
The disease and the little circles around it effects every part of my life.I sometimes describe it as being a cat in a cage with it's tail on fire, a scientist firmly believing with every fiber of his being and unmeasurable joy that he can fly a toilet paper roll rocket ship to the moon and has the backing of all his co-workers. Then wakes up the next day finds out it was all a joke or another feeling I experience of being so low it feel like your blood is being filled with rust and every branch on a tree is a way out. There is some relief just having it out there now. I don't have to play "normal" anymore. Well, that can never be helped. I am loved and have love for so many people and support in my life and that gives me hope. There have been words of such kindness from people on Etsy that have brought tears to my eyes. I truly appreciate everyone of those people so much!

Ok! Enough of my babbling over!
I have a FaceBook page now:Vireo Perfumes Scents Of Nature By KnD
I can't wait until I do not have to type these out with one finger on my phone.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Etsy store down as the cluster beast takes hold

It has been a rough week. I am very eager, wanting to list new perfumes, update Etsy and so on but I have been loosing grip on the cluster headache beast. Yesterday I had to go to the emergency room. This cluster was the worst and with out a doubt the most extreme pain I have ever experienced. I thought I was going to die or die from wanting to die the pain was so horrific. Think Spanish inquisition style torture. They even (to make my hospital stay more enjoyable) did a spinal tap. Wikipedia states woman who experience cluster say it is worse than child birth and also the worst pain a human can experience. I will not disagree as yesterday turned me into a animal who would chew it's own leg off to be removed from the trap.
During these cluster cycles I have to stay away from anything that may trigger or rapidly make my headache worse. Unfortunately a couple essential oils and strong odors in general can. I am terrified to bring on another headache of yesterdays magnitude so I can't go near my perfumes.
I just wanted to write and apologize if the shop seems to be open then closed. I have to force my self to not do anything (I am always running around like a jacked up squirrel!) just stay away from the oils and not potentially fill orders.
I do have some lovely new perfumes to list. When this cluster cycle passes I will get those up. I have to cut this short as typing on the iPhone/staring into light hurts my head.
I hope all of you are happy and well,
~ Kait

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Soooo there is even more about the bottles

After sterilizing 1/2 the bottles I decided to keep, I discovered upon closer examination and measuring that they were not dram size. They are just about .5ml now that is quite a bit more and makes a difference in what I am selling. Oy! Looks like I will be shipping 99.9% of the lot back to them. Which will total over $40.00 in shipping when all is said and done.
So a word of warning to all you budding perfumist. There is a lot to be aware of. Even in a fancy cataloge it may say "dram" but won't be a dram. It may looks all nice and shiny but it may be delivered covered in dust reeking of musky synthetics from their wearhouse.
Yes, I may have to sheepishly ask another perfumer if they will give away where they get their roller applicators. Hmmmm, now who to ask? Who to ask?

I would like a "doggy downer" about now.

Yay! My glass shipment just arrived! Ooh weeeeee! Bottles of different shapes, colors and sizes!
Noooooooo! They messed up the order AND the bottles, caps and rollers are dusty! My clean freakism over bottles has me very upset.
Time to dust, boil, sanitize, sort 320 items. :(
Headlines: Kaitlyn ni Donovan found snorting lavender and chamomile!
Then the article would go on saying I was found wandering the street with a bottle of home brewed wormwood quoting Poe. Alas never to be seen again.