Monday, March 28, 2011

Ramos Gin Fizz cravings, Spring perfumes and antique pill box

Somehow somewhere in this flu bug I got the most intense desire for a Ramos Gin Fizz.
I made a bottle of Ramos gin fizz perfume last year and may just drink it in my feverish state. It sounds so cool and refreshing.
Sigh.... Some folks have had this bug for over a month and are still in miserable conditions. This is worrisome news. I have been feeling much better though and hope to open the store back up in a couple days. I can't wait as I have some dainty antique micro mosaic pill boxes to sell with just gorgeous spring-filled concrete perfumes. I don't have pictures up of them yet.
One perfume is inspired by the hope that Spring brings to one's soul and impressionistic classical music of the likes of Debussy, Ravel and Satie. I think I may call it, "Song Of Spring". It is bright and beautiful with concretes of: Mimosa, damask rose, rose centiflolia, jasmine grandiflorum, sambac and carnation. The heart is joyful with jonquil and orange blossom absolute. Top notes are: galbanum, nerolina, bitter green orange, petitgrain, clove absolute and organic rosewood. Base notes are: angelica absolute and a hint of Haitian vetiver and Australian sandalwood.
"Shrubbery" is another Spring perfume I will be releasing in oil and solid form. It has green top notes as if you've brushed against just blossoming, rain soaked shrubs. I suspect as well it echos months of longing, staring out the window patiently (or impatiently) waiting for my Charlie Brown Christmas tree looking Daphne to grow.
The initial top notes of "Shrubbery" are rather sharp and green with the lovely clean, eucalyptus, lilac note of nerolina, the tea, honeyed and herbaceousness of linden blossom and herbaceous and balsamic note of rhododendron. There are many flowers and blossoms in the heart and the base has balsams and vanilla.
I have other bottles of creations just waiting to be finished, topped off or filtered.
The Hawaiian Lei series will be loads of fun as I have the Maile Vine absolute that the real lei's are made from.

I also found in my pill box hunt a trinket box carved with the image of golf legend Payne Stuart. I will be putting a fougere solid perfume in it called "Tee Time". Hmmm maybe I should call it "Par 4"?  There will also be an oil based version. I wanted to name it after the cute knickerbocker pants they used to wear golfing but I think they were called, "Plus 4's".
 I should go rest a bit. I wanted to post a little follow up to let the few of you know I haven't fallen into a well. Below are photos of some of the antique pill boxes I broke down and purchased. Unfortunately none of the mosaic floral boxes from Italy are featured.
 Have a great day! Kait

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Poetry and flowers

Sick with flu stopping the creations and the store for a spell. Oh my.
I've been emotional and reading Walt Whitman today made me cry.
So many perfumes a-brewing and running around in my mind.
Lilacs have always held a deep poetic meaning in my life and a symbol of Spring, love and death. I have a perfume ready to be filtered called "Shrubbery". The Lotus Eaters mythology perfume will cost quite a bit of money to make but I just have to go on this adventure.
I have two South pacific garland fragrances, a lost island tuberose based fantasy perfume named "Calypso". A woman sent me an original sample of Cuir de Russie for me to make a natural interpretation from. Two ladies are looking forward to it. It shall an amazing and challenging journey.
My Spring fever and the flu. Sitting on my hands until I can be a mad composing scientist with the flowers. In the meantime I have some poetry to get weepy and introspective over. Masterpiece Theatre is always a great escape as well.
I hope you all are very happy and well!

Friday, March 4, 2011

My guinea pig has just been fired

"ohhhhhh, smell this! It's frangipani absolute!" I said quite over the moon.
"Smells like a cheeseburger", said my perfume tester guinea pig.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Weapons of stinky destruction

So I let my car die and didn't renew my insurance. Instead am spending the money to buy supplies for my shop. Funny the things you do when you are addicted to having smell goods!
But the perfume organ must be restocked and expanded! I have a obsession to be a scent adventurer! It is like exploring new lands with out leaving your home or a painter given free pick of the art supply store after only having three colors to use. It is that kind of excitement receiving a new oil you haven't smelled/worked with.
Holy beans did I buy some goodies to play with! ( disclaimer: these were by no means large amounts) Floral concretes, more floral, citrus absolutes, organic extracts, rhododendron leaf, saffron, cepes, many woods, yuzu, strange and wonderful shrub oils, a well aged patchouli, more patchouli, restocked 4 sandalwoods. Ahhh! To bathe in that beeswax absolute and vanilla bourbon. (sorry bees)(sorry savings account!) Hey I can still work living in a cardboard box.

As for revamping the shop the scents will be more focused, less cluttered and intimate. There is a problem with working with oils as a carrier in that compositions can become heavy.
The problem with buying such expensive materials is that you can be terrified of making mistakes that will send you flogging yourself for days.
Then there is the ever constant of trying to polish a poop. You just think you can fix it by adding a little of this or that and then you have a weapon of stinky destruction on your hands. Sometimes these bombs turn into flowers over time so it's hard to throw them out.

Hmmmm. Now about those alcohol based perfumes I been hiding all these years...