Friday, June 10, 2011

cluster headache dilemma

hmmm..trying to figure out how to balance my Etsy shop and having chronic cluster headaches.
Clusters tend to be seasonal and tis the bad season for me on top of getting a couple clusters every month anyway. I have to stay away from having orders during one as there are a couple natural oils that can exasperate a cluster or other headaches. I don't want my customers to see me as flakey when the store is opening and closing all the time.
For you migraine and chronic headache sufferers I would be wary of large amounts of heady florals, ylang ylang, sandalwood, frankincense and clary sage during a cycle.
My friend suggested that I remove all oil triggers from my perfume organ. I just think that is like telling a painter to paint with only a select number of colors.
Maybe I should tell him that as an example as he is a commercial painter for a living.