Friday, March 16, 2012

Giddy up! All natural Cuir de Russie decimates a village.

Quick update..
Hi, My back is inching toward letting me work in very, very short stints.
The all natural Cuir de Russie I am working on is so eye watering strong it could, "bring down a village" as I told someone in an e-mail. This nice patient woman has been for months awaiting the outcome. I am afraid to send her some as via opening the perfume bottle she may be blinded. It takes quite a while to settle into the skin. At first whiff..holy beans...the war mongering top notes do not give an inkling to the powdery softness and calm that awaits. I have no more Chanel Cuir to whiff & compare I am a bit afraid to send it to her. I invasion in my head her in such disappointment mailing me a bag of rotten tomatoes to throw at myself. This 190 proof perfume is my perfectionist olfactory Everest...I may have (with shame) to try to turn around and re summit.
New on the challenge guillotine block is vintage Shalimar. I seem to be having a bit more luck with that.
Though I have only smelled Shalimar once years ago before starting to compose. cannot expect a totally natural oil based parfum to get that synthetic...
But! Shalimar (luckily) is very vanilla based, the original creator actually demanded a lower grade vanilla notes. He, story goes wanted to see what happened when dumping a ton of vanilla into a bottle of Jicky. I am duplicating the vanilla aspect with vanilla bourbon co2, madagascar oil infusion, peru balsam, benzoin and guaiacwood. Yes, guaiacwood. Thank goodness I had the guaiacwood!
As for the Etsy store...I am again sorry to announce I am still physically unable to reopen it.
Have a smell-good day,