Saturday, February 23, 2013

Brian Eno "Scents and Sensibility" and the scentual world fanatic

Being a musician, scent obsessed and a fan of Brian Eno you can imagine my absolute delight some years ago finding out he was not only knowledgeable about the history of perfumes, botanicals and notes but tried to recreate odors with much devotion. He also created an application called,"Bloom" for iphones that allowed one to make ambient music in relation to their chords in the perfume organ. There are low bass tones like Vetiver, to top higher pitch Bergamot, and of course the middle notes in between. One can pick and choose individual or more notes, composing their own musical perfumes to be held heavenly aloft, soothing the soul and drenched in adjustable reverb.
Brian Eno treasured us with an inspiring 1992  article in Details Magazine called "Scents and Sensibility". Eno wrote in rich fragrant detail, his bordering on spiritual and mad scientist experiences. Within this article one could understand how the flicker of "Bloom" would eventually take seed in the technology offered in the future. I almost feel his pain via the conundrums of composing, the endless hours spent contemplating, being profoundly effected and taken hold by the vast ecstasy that the scentual world offers. It may be trivial or just inexplicable mind numbing to the layman the pleasure that odors bring to the scent adventurer. The uncurious may look to the nearest exit or a parachute as an olfactory elated person goes off on an enraptured monologue about the creation of Jicky or their likes or dislikes between one region of vetiver from another. Scents are music to my ears..listening with all the senses. Observing life actively with full awareness, being transported, I could go on and on..

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