Saturday, December 3, 2016

Silver Mountain Water natural interpretation and inspiring oils/absolutes

 Happy Saturday, very happy to report a perfume natural botanical personal interpretation of Creed's Silver Mountain Water has turned out lovely. I made about three versions for my friend over the years but this one seems to be the most linear with an ambergris accord.  New on my pallete is Choya Loban which I recommend smelling the aroma on a warm ceramic stone. On a paper strip Choya will come across first smokey terpine & resinous. By placing it on (what I've used was a souffl√© bakeware turned upside down in the oven for just a minute then placing a few drops of oil on it) the odor immediately warmed into dreamy creamy fine Siam benzoin absolute.
  Another recent happy discovery was Aftelier's frankincense from Kenya. Light, joyful and lemon noted the frankincense brought a kind of olfactory joy. Liberty Natural has one from Kenya that smells near identical.
 I hope to be blogging a bit more as inspiration and bravery strike. I have another surgery to go through not on my neck this time but on my foot the end of December. Many surgeries over the past years have squashed my perfume making but I am reenergized.
Happy Saturday. -Kait

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